Before you come to us, read the Regulations for Visitors

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Order regulations

13. Entry and parking of vehicles is allowed only in places designated for this purpose. The area of the parking location is private property and serves only tourists visiting the Palace Complex.
14. Parking lots are free and unguarded. The owner of the site is not responsible for abandoned vehicles or the property they contain.
15. Cycling on the grounds of the Palace Complex is allowed only on designated roads.
16. Entrance to the palace building is only allowed with a guide. While visiting the palace, you must not leave the group or deviate from the designated tourist route.
17. When watching bison and other animals in the mini zoo, it is forbidden to approach animals, feed them and scare them and cross fences, etc.
18. During rides on horse-drawn carriages, carriages, on horseback or on a pony, one should be careful and strictly follow the instructions of the employees.
19. Parents and guardians are obliged to care for and watch over the safety of children especially using the playground and sports facilities.
20. It is forbidden to introduce dogs to the park without a leash and a muzzle. For sanitary and aesthetic reasons, carers should remove all impurities left by animals.
21. There is a total ban on placing dogs in the playground.
22. Pałac Pałacowy Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for lost items on the premises
23. Group supervisor is responsible for the behavior of members of organized groups.
24. In the Palace Complex is prohibited:
- destruction and damage of cultural monuments,
- picking plants or parts thereof, destroying trees and shrubs, crops,
- disturbing, capturing and killing wild and live animals, destroying nests, burrows and breeding grounds,
- littering the area, leaving food leftovers and packaging (trash should be disposed of in appropriate containers),
- pollution of waters, soil and air,
- igniting and burning outbreaks outside the designated places,
- disturbing the peace, eg making or playing loud music without the consent of the Owner,
- bringing alcohol not purchased in the Palace Complex and drinking alcohol outside places designated for this purpose,
- use, sale, distribution or possession of drugs and being in the area under the influence of intoxicants,
- staying in the Palace Complex in a bathing suit, topless, etc. of a skimpy outfit,
- behavior generally considered indecent,
- conducting commercial, advertising and other activities without the consent of the Owner.